New collection

Autumn-Winter 2022-2023

Abbiamo percorso la traccia verde e trasparente della nostra filiera.
Lane purissime, sete preziose, soffici alpache e mohair ci hanno sussurrato i loro racconti e ci siamo emozionati davanti alla bellezza di un fiore di cotone.
Da questo viaggio sono nate le nostre trame di sostenibilità, armonie di autentica bellezza per vestirci sempre più consapevolmente di natura e benessere


The classic universe of wool descends with balance and innovation to light, resistant and versatile yarns, moulding a small, linear universe, clean and sweetly dry where elegance draws bodies gracefully.


We let ourselves be inspired by the most authentic materials. Like the typically English raw wools, pure and unrefined, permeable and sincere. Perfectly imperfect, the queens of the winter fibres help us re-discover the inherent beauty of the things of yesteryear, giving us amiable and comforting sensations.


From the simplicity of extremely pure and naturally bright fibers to the most bold and refined combinations. Thousands of variations of mohair and lurex, conjugated in delicate and impalpable yarns, inundating everything with light.


A triumph of delicate softness, which make us let go into a warm and enveloping sea. Light and gentle yarns evoking a comfortable and reassuring image, creating incomparable sensations that caress your skin.


Our love for nature and our care for environment make us re-confirm our choices in a more sustainable and conscious manner. In this collection natural, biologic and sustainable yarns resides our wish to return living in total harmony with our Planet.