Spring – Summer 2025

…so many stories that we often don’t see, distracted by the frenzy of the city.
It would be enough to stop, even for a moment, to discover hidden corners that escaped our hasty glances and, with them, something new tell.

Shadows, shades of color painted by the sun on buildings, architecture of the past and present, forgotten alleys, represent a source of inspiration as unexpected as it is satisfying.

The hidden beauty that welcomes us every day is reflected in our works,
transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.


Natural fibers and raw materials, such as pure linens and cottons from organic crops or wonderful new blends with natural silks and viscose. The endless possibilities that nature offers, are here declined in a family of natural yarns, sustainable and organically certified.


The classic cottons, combined in many ways, offering an extraordinary variety of finesses and aspects. Fresh, soft, delicately shiny or performing, Sesia cottons express the quintessence of simplicity. Classic and pure fibers harmonized in different aspects, a malleable and versatile material to experiment creativity.


Delicate and precious linens, fine, with a gently rough hand. Enriched with a touch of pure silk, giving them an incredible shine, as well as lurex and sequins blended in perfect symbiosis with this pure fiber, enhancing and embellishing them gracefully.


Precious and light silks, almost impalpable and inconsistent, with a sublime, fluid, and fresh hand. The simplicity of this pure and natural shiny fiber in combinations with cotton for a chic and vaguely casual look.


Glossy and opaque viscose in wonderful harmonies of multiple fibers such as cottons and polyesters in a rich and assorted yarn family with a strong glamorous spirit, declined in their authentic version or in combination with lurex and sequins in perfect symbiosis.


New fibers with extraordinary properties such as thermosetting polyesters, mixed with polypropylene in pure technical versions with a highly sporty image. Delicate blends with cotton and silk gracefully softening the soul of these high-performing yarns.