Excellence is a goal that must be pursued with determination everyday.

We want to guarantee an high quality standard: this result cannot be reached without the full control of each production step and the optimal coordination among the different company departments.
The rationalization of the production processes is a mental attitude firstly but it is a meticulous work too that needs to be constantly improved. For this reason Sesia Manifatture 1963 is widely adopting the Lean System in all its processes, a model of organization and production aimed to improve and optimize constantly all workflows.

Thanking to the traceability system we guarantee maximum transparency both for the origin of the product and either for the different steps that lead the yarn during its transformation.

Know-how, responsibility and cooperation are crucial to reach always new goals. For this reason Sesia Manifatture 1963 invests in staff trainings aimed to create an efficient and cohesive team.

Quality is not just providing an excellent product but also ensure a timely and friendly Customer Service who always pays attention to the customer requirements.

The quality of Sesia Manifatture 1963 is noticeable in all our yarns, that are 100% Made in Italy, i.e. they are completely created and transformed in Italy.

Manifattura Sesia - Qualità