We support a development that satisfies the actual needs without compromising the capacity of the future generation to satisfy their needs.

Take up this challenge means combining production and sustainability through a constant research and innovation work.

Bio Sesia born from this effort, the brand of biological yarns realized respecting the requirements fixed by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). High quality that respects the environment, as a guarantee for the future

Sustainability involves our company at 360 degrees: both by the production processes, by the selection of the raw materials, by the marketing, either by the social responsibility, by the selection of the suppliers and by the safety of the employees.


The safeguard of the territory, production processes with a low environmental impact, the welfare of its employees, are values that lead and characterize the way to operate of Sesia Manifatture 1963.


After a preliminary analysis and an energy audit we were able to rationalize the existing facilities, reducing the energy consumption and the CO2 emission, resetting the greenhouse gases: all that enabled us to obtain the ZERO EMISSION certification.
We can assert with great satisfaction that we have reached ambitious goals: a photovoltaic system covers totally our needs, the replacement of the whole lighting system with Led technology and the installation of Inverters on the production lines have further reduced the energy consumption.
In 2017 a formal and energetic restoration of the production building was realised throughout the production department. This is a last-generation innovative photocatalytic reflective thermic plaster that has not only achieved high levels of insulation but also contributed actively to the reduction of atmospheric pollutants equal to the chlorophyllic synthesis of a surface area of 3000 square meters of woods with 75 tall trees, with 300 million cubic meters of purified air per year and the zeroing pollution of 200,000 cars passage per year.


All our yarn are constantly monitored to guarantee the GB 18401 standards and the REACH requirements (i.e. European regulation aimed to improve the health and environmental protection from the risk of chemicals) and recently we obtained the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, a control system that guarantees the absence of toxic substances inside the raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.